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Where's the Train Wreck?    New York Magazine, March 2018

Can Leslie Jamison top The Empathy Exams with her mega-memoir of addiction?

The Gospel According To Glennon   ELLE, May 2017

How Christian blogger Glennon Doyle Melton blew up life as she knew it and became the guru of the moment. 

With "Fifty Shades Of Grey," Jamie Dornan Aims To Please   ELLE, May 2015

Ruth Shalit Barrett meets the actor poised to satisfy millions of women's deepest yearnings as Fifty Shades' brooding, billionaire sex god, Christian Grey.

Mona Simpson Transforms Her Rich Personal Life Into Powerful Fiction  ELLE, May 2014

It's a truism that novelists mine their own experience for material, but few have a life as rich and unusual as Mona Simpson's.

Girl Crazy   ELLE, November 2009

Women who suffer from gender disappointment are using extreme "swaying" techniques-from high-calcium diets to embryo testing-to ensure they conceive daughters, raising prickly ethical questions about whether you can really engineer your children-and if doctors should even be helping.

Young and Republican in Hollywood  The Wall Street Journal, August 2004

In recent weeks, the Republican National Committee has been circulating a list notable for the number of young, pillowy-lipped celebrities who also happen to be members of the GOP.

Workplace and Woe  The Wall Street Journal, September 2003

It has been said that without the scandal of adultery there would be no such thing as the modern novel. Alas, the scandal of sexual harassment has yet to find its Flaubert or its Tolstoy. Enter Stanley Bing ...

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